Who are Apexers?

Apexes are a small web design company dedicated to creating online content for businesses to market themselves. 

We provide a flexible, personal and affordable service that builds, manages and maintains a website presence for your business.

What's our goal?

We are aware that web design can be an expensive field and, for a small business or start up, it can be a cost that's too high to justify. 

However, in this modern era we know how vital it is for any business to be online, so our goal is to provide an effective and affordable way for small, independent businesses to get to get their web presence thriving. 


What kind of businesses use Apexers?

We have worked with businesses across many industries, many popular clients being based in hair and beauty services or the hospitality trade. 


However, we do not limit our service to any particular industries, so if you're an independent business in need of a website then feel free to get in touch!

Is there a minimum subscription length?

No. At Apexers there is no minimum contract length and no cancellation or startup fees, so you can cancel for free at any time. 

However, if you want to cancel your subscription and take over ownership of your website there is a buyout fee of £550 within the first year. This buyout fee then halves after 12 months to £225. After 24 months there is no buyout fee, so if at this point you would like to take over the responsibility of your website then that's up to you. There will be no charge to keep it!


What kind of service is does Apexers offer?

Our service is usually offered through a monthly subscription package. Depending on the package you opt for, you will receive a website of a certain size that has been tailored specifically to your business. 


Do I have to have a monthly plan?

No. We are prepared to take project based work on a freelance basis. If this is what you would prefer, contact us and we can arrange a meeting and determine a quote for your work.


Who controls my domain?

You do. You should always be in control of your domain, regardless of who you're employing. If a company is offering to take out and host your domain name for you then that's a big red flag as you will have little to no real control over your website.


At Apexers we will ask you to supply us with a blank domain to connect to your website. If you need help in taking out your domain then we can assist with that as long as it's you who is the owner of the domain.

What is considered basic updates and maintenance?

Basic updates and maintenance is any general upkeep of your website. Want some stuff moved around? Sure! Some new pictures or text content added? No problem. We are always on depend to keep your website up to date and fresh.

If you want large scale changes or reworks done to the website that go beyond the means of general updates then we will negotiate a quote with you before we start.


Will Apexers ever share my information?

No. Apexers will never share any information that you provide us for any reason without your consent.